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3 Questions You Have to Answer ...


Send, Publish, & Submit

Febuary 2021

Wait! I see your finger eagerly hovering over the "send", "publish", and "submit" button to finalize your copy... but you forgot something ESSENTIAL. 


I'm talking about the top 3 questions you must address in your copy if you want to see any boost in your sales, click-through rates, website visitors, and more. 

Let's face it, not all copy is created equal. Good writing might be just that -- good writing. But when it comes to conversions and sales, don't forget that you have to do MORE than tell a compelling story. Yes, you're building trust and rapport with your customers. But you've also got to guide them every step of the way from "Hey, who's this guy?" to "Add to Cart". 


And the best way to check your work, foolproof your words, and create copy that actually converts is to answer these 3 questions as you write and edit. This goes for any email, web copy, print copy, you name it! Consider them your 3 new best friends.

So, before you publish:

Put yourself in your client's shoes.

Ask yourself these 3 questions.

If you can answer them clearly, good for you! Time for a tea and and a nap.

If not... get back to editing, and your profits will thank you later! 

1. "Do you know what i mean?"  

I like to think of this question as dropping "YES" breadcrumbs along your way to grandmother's house (that's your big offer). If you don't build a YES mentality consistently through your copy, then there's NO way anyone will buy, click, subscribe, follow, or enroll with you. You want to gather up enough "Yes! That's exactly how I feel! You totally get me! Yes, I'm with you all the way!" energy so that your offer feels inevitable and oh-so welcome by the time your sales page or email gets there. So, read through your copy with fresh eyes as your target audience. Do you know what you mean, every single step of the way? Is it clear what you're saying? Do you agree with yourself? Do you want MORE? Drop your YES, THAT'S SO ME! breadcrumbs and you'll completely connect with your people. 

2. "So what?" 

This one is all about the benefit, benefit, benefit. After every phrase, sentence, and headline you write, ask yourself: "So what?" This forces you to dig deeper beyond features and surface benefits and tap into the deep need of your client. When they close their eyes and dream at night, what do they dream of? Asking yourself "So what?" is your way of helping them achieve those dreams. Read through your copy and business social media posts and ask yourself... "So what? Why should I care? What will this actually do for me and my life?" Keep digging and digging until you cut straight to the good stuff. Then, of course, you can elaborate and specify from there. But if you don't find the deep benefit to start, you're in a losing race. 

3. "what's my next step?"

This one might seem obvious, but if your client doesn't know EXACTLY how to take the action you want them to take... then it's all for naught. Spell it out clear as day so there's no room for confusion. Not only does an unclear call-to-action annoy your clients, it will cause them to lose interest and trust in your brand. So make it as easy as possible for them to add to cart, click here, subscribe below, and join now. Be precise with offer terms and dates of service. Read through your copy with fresh eyes and by the end ... do you know EXACTLY what your next move is and WHAT YOU WILL GET if you take it? 

If this feels like a LOT of work, a good copywriter and copy editor might be just what you need. But I bet you can do it yourself if you use your imagination. Be like a baby... pretend you know NOTHING about your business or brand. Ask yourself these 3 questions, and by the end of your reading... can you answer all of them clearly, definitively, and positively? 


If not, keep editing and refining. I promise -- the extra work in "edit mode" is SO worth the sales bump waiting for you on the other side! 

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