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Here you'll find musings, findings, and updates on all things copywriting. I hope you'll enjoy reading as much as I love writing!

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3 Questions You Have to Answer BEFORE You Hit Send, Publish, & Submit

As eager as you are to just be DONE with your copy, you could be wasting your time (and money) if you don't check your work with these 3 fool-proof steps.  

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Tis the season! 5 ways to spruce up your small business for the holidays 

It's that time of year... when we pin our hopes on high sales numbers to carry us small business owners through with consistency and reliability. But how can you shake up your marketing strategy to be holiday-specific... without starting from scratch? 

Work Desk

The Top 10 Copy Mistakes You're Probably Making.

Some small business owners would rather roll up their sleeves than hire a copywriter. How can you sound professional and drive up sales on your own?

New Year Party

4 Quick Tips to Make 2021 YOUR Small Biz Year

This season brings resolutions and new goals, but that can feel daunting when you've got a small biz to run. Check out these simple steps to working smarter, not harder, and leading with what makes you... YOU. 


Hit the "Refresh" Button: 5 Easy Steps to Recycling Your Content.

You need consistent outreach to keep your business relevant and to build trust with your clients.

Check out these life-hacks for easy, actionable ways you can turn the "old" into "brand, spankin’ new" in no time. 

New York

3 Small Steps

to Start Your Big Career.

Artists and creatives have been left without any work on the horizon. How can you adapt and thrive? 

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