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web audit packages

You have a website. You connected it to your Instagram. But... something is still off. 
If hiring a copywriter feels overwhelming, the Web Audit is for you. 

I'll scan your copy with my professional eye, and send you specific notes and fixes.
I'll check for brand voice consistency, opportunities to lead with the benefit, moments for personal touches to establish trust with your reader, and scan for keyword optimization possibilities.

Get all the wisdom from a professional copywriter without the cost of a full web copy rehaul! 

Researching and Writing

The Packages

Check out the options below to optimize your website, social media, brand strategy, or all of the above!  

package one: web audit

Your website copy isn't working, but it's not worth starting over. I got you! 

This package includes:

  • strategy call

  • full website scan

  • comprehensive feedback via GoogleDoc

  • closing Q&A

package two: social audit

Unsure of why your posts aren't making a splash or leading to sales?

This package includes:

  • strategy call

  • full social media scan of all platforms

  • comprehensive feedback via GoogleDoc

  • content calendar suggetions

  • closing Q & A

package three: brand bible

Zoom out and strategize about exactly who you are, who you're talking to, and what makes your brand unique.

This package includes:

  • intro call

  • full scan of website and social media 

  • notes via GoogleDoc

  • brand strategy session

  • comprehensive Brand Bible

  • closing Q & A

The Whole Enchilada

Sign up for all 3 packages at a DISCOUNT to get the total audit of your website, social media presence, and a comprehensive brand bible to set you up for complete content-creating success. 

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