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Anthony lo verme

licensed real estate salesperson

For the community's favorite real estate agent, I wrote a bio and trifold brochure mail piece.

Get to know him: or @anthony_lo_verme_

Anthony is a down-to-earth, professional guy who needed his marketing output to match his magnetic character. After leaning on copywriters in the past who missed his authentic voice, he partnered with me to take his community presence to the next level. 

Brand Voice: relatable, honest, knowledgable,  real, down-to-earth, caring

Bio: Anthony needed a bio that he could use anywhere and anytime to authentically introduce himself to his audience. I wrote 3 versions of this "About Me" story, each of varying lengths so he can rely on these words no matter what. I led with the benefit to consumer and his value proposition, included some relatable personal details, and built trust with language based in authenticity and knowledge. 

Below is the "long version", to be used for his website and other personal engagements.

Anthony Lo Verme Bio

Holiday Brochure: Anthony also needed a trifold brochure to send to 5,000 residents in the community. He wanted something festive yet professional. I collaborated with design wiz Ally Hern to create this polished brochure mailer in time to welcome the new year. I kept the copy within his authentic, down-to-earth voice and reinforced his certifications and value proposition among service-focused copy. 

Brochure Front

Inside Flap -- Back Cover -- Front Cover

Brochure Front

Brochure BACK


Brochure Back


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