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For this holistic, natural jewelry company, I created a Tone Guide and web copy. 

experience jeannie's wearable art at

Jean's Jewels was ready to up her game and attract a more defined target audience. Jeannie hired me to help her give her business a brand makeover, and then put her new, polished principles into deliverable words. By honing in on her new brand voice and her clear core values, I helped her reach her goals of attracting a more specific clientele and having consistent brand messaging through many platforms. 

Brand Voice: inclusive, warm, soothing, open, intuitive, knowledgable

To see the copy in action... Click on the web pages below!

Mission Statement.png
About the Artist.png

Tone Guide: I also created a comprehensive brand analysis document that would clarify her business' voice and inform all future content to come. I included a SWOT marketing analysis, outlined her varied target audiences, named the brand voice using keywords and phrases, and created a "core values" chart with some copy ideas for future her future deliverables and craft shows. 

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