For this holistic, natural jewelry company, I created a Tone Guide, Mission Statement, and an "About Me" Artist Story.

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Jean's Jewels was ready to up her game and attract a more defined target audience. Jeannie hired me to help her give her business a brand makeover, and then put her new, polished principles into deliverable words. By honing in on her new brand voice and her clear core values, I helped her reach her goals of attracting a more specific clientele and having consistent brand messaging through many platforms. 

Brand Voice: inclusive, warm, soothing, open, intuitive, knowledgable

Tone Guide: I created a comprehensive brand analysis document that would clarify her business' voice and inform all future content to come. I included a SWOT marketing analysis, outlined her varied target audiences, named the brand voice using keywords and phrases, and created a "core values" chart with some copy ideas for future her future deliverables and craft shows. 

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Mission Statement: Jean's Jewels needed a professional but authentic mission statement to present to her customers and funding review committees. Staying within her positive, relaxed, healing tone, I outlined the brand's deliverables and core values in a professional, trustworthy voice. 

Jean's Jewels Mission Statement

"About Me" Artist Story: Jean's Jewels also needed a compelling, personal story for the "About" page on her website. I offered a bit of personal passion and one-of-a-kind history, defined and shed light on the products, and shouted out the sorts of target audiences she's hoping to attract. Using a soothing, very personal tone, I specifically discussed the holistic nature of the designs. My hope is that customers fall in love with Jeannie's story just as much as they treasure her jewelry. Her work is all about forming connections; I wanted my words to do just that! 

Jean's Jewels Artist Story