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Julia rosenthal

physical therapy

I wrote  a tone guide and the full website copy  for this concierge, private PT practice.

Learn about julia's mission to heal at

After working at several reputable practices in NYC, Julia knew it was time to strike out on her own. Specializing in orthopedic, pelvic floor, and dance medicine PT, she needed her web copy to encompass her wide background of skills so that all patients felt welcome. I wanted her homepage to assure patients that they were, in fact, in the right hands, and that Julia was more than just your average PT: she empowers her clients with the tools to care for themselves in the longterm, so pain doesn't define her patients' lives. I wanted her web copy to feel thorough and knowledgable, as well as warm, welcoming, understanding, and inclusive. 

Brand Voice: relatable, professional, knowledgable, understanding, warm, slightly casual

Web Copy: I wrote the copy for Julia's entire website, including a Home page, About page, Philosophy/Core Values page, Services page, and more. I also wrote several CTA's for her use throughout the website, so that readers were consistently encouraged and inspired to contact her for a PT session. I spoke to Julia at length about her process and outlook when it comes to PT and serving as a provider, and I did research into what exactly her services will include. As a dancer myself, I'm a member of her target audience: it was important to use my own imaginative, critical eye as I wrote. I kept asking myself, "As an injured dancer, would I want to call her for help?" as I edited the copy... and the answer is "yes!"

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