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I wrote web copy, press releases, and bulletins

for this prestigious SUNY school's musical theatre program. 

Don, the Coordinator of Musical Theatre at Geneseo, reached out to me to collaborate in announcing the launch of their new degree program: the Bachelor of Professional Studies in Musical Theatre. To spread the word about this great news, I created two press releases -- one informal for the community and one a formal release to the press -- and a bulletin of talking points for Geneseo ambassadors. To inform prospective students and build credibility, I wrote web copy about Geneseo's vision and philosophy, their annual trip to NYC, their past productions, and their two musical theatre degree programs. My aim was to make the copy sound informative, formal, reliable, and authoritative, while also feeling engaging, fun, interesting, and easy to read. 

Brand Voice: warm, welcoming, knowledgable, formal, engaging, approachable 

To see the copy in action... Click on the web pages below!

Our Musical Theatre Vision.png
BPS in Musical Theatre.png
BA in Musical Theatre.png
Past Productions .png
NYC Immersion Program .png

To read the Press Releases copy doc...

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