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The Artist's Sandbox

For this awesome, creative production company, I created a Tone Guide, Mission Statement, and "About Us" Bio.

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ASB was going through a re-brand. They were ready to up their web presence and redefine exactly what their core values are and the kind of people they want to attract. They hired me to help them revamp their established brand so that they might look more professional, streamlined, and focused as a company with many pursuits. 

Brand Voice: welcoming, relatable, authentic, honest, real, slightly casual

Tone Guide: I created a comprehensive brand analysis document that would clarify the company's voice and goals today, and also inform all future content to come. I included a SWOT marketing analysis, outlined their target audiences, named the brand voice using keywords and phrases, and created a "core values" chart with some copy ideas for future endeavors. 

To see the Tone Guide...

Mission Statement: ASB needed a professional but authentic mission statement to present to future audience members, donors, and grant review boards. Staying within their real, slightly casual, joyful tone, I outlined the brand's core values and non-negotiable beliefs in a professional voice. I kept it short, sweet, and to the point!


"About Us" Bio: ASB also needed relatable, welcoming content for their "About" page on their website. I outlined their brand's overarching name and subdivisions, what they're passionate about, and named the sorts of target audiences they're hoping to attract. Using a casual, real sound, I was specific but playful in my descriptions. My hope is that readers feel spoken to and directly represented -- since that's ASB's motto too -- so that instant connections are formed and they'll be inspired to reach out. 

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