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wingate apothecary

I wrote the web copy and several product descriptions for this self-care company who makes affordable luxury products.

Ryan started Wingate Apothecary with a keen business background and a deep passion for creating. He contacted me to help him put his ideas into writing for his brand's new website. We discussed at length his inspiration, the brand vibe, and the core values. We went for polish and prestige, but also a healthy dose of humor... soaps and skincare are beautiful, but just not that deep! Ryan was such an involved business owner, and I hope his passion comes through every piece of web copy.

Brand Voice: polished, relatable, top-of-the-line, accessible, dry, "real talk" 

Website Copy: I wrote the web copy for Wingate's homepage, "About" page, "Partnership Opportunities" page, product page headers, and the product descriptions for the signature scent blends. This included a brand story, an inclusivity statement, core values, fun and specific product line descriptions, gift-giving CTA's, white label and wholesale pages, and plenty of jokes. 

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Wingate Home
Wingate Library
Wingate Inclusivity
Wingate Core Values
Wingate About Story

signature scent description Copy Docs

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Garden Party
Sunshine Spritzer
Mandarin and Thai
Yuzu and Oud
Backcountry Hike

home Page Copy Docs -- click to enlarge

Home 1
Home 2

"About" Page Copy Docs -- click to enlarge

Wingate About 1
Wingate About 2
Wingate About 3

Page header Copy Docs -- click to enlarge

Headers 1
Headers 2

"Partnership" page Copy Docs -- click to enlarge

Partnership Opps 1
Partnership Opps 2
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