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Hi! I'm Gabby.


Content Marketer.

Brand Strategist.

I'm obsessed with finding the right words to take your business to the next level.

I bring 100% of me to every project I take on. I use my organized, rational "left brain" to meticulously research your industry, identify your target audience, and fully embody your brand voice.

Then I harness the imaginative creativity of my "right brain" to craft authentic, relatable, real content that grips and inspires your audience to action.

I can't wait to learn more about you and your business!


How can I help you?

My words connect you to your audience and convert them to lifelong customers. 

Pencil and notepad


I write copy that grips your audience and nudges them your way, inciting them to subscribe, buy, "like", forward, and more.

  • ​​Email funnels
  • Banner Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Product Descriptions
  • Social Media Ads (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Direct Mail 
  • Sales Pages
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Is your website outdated? Can your customers easily find what they're looking for? Does your web presence align with your brand's established voice and business goals? 

  • Revamp your website for maximum ease of use
  • Create Product/Service launch pages​​
  • Tailor website copy to mobile phone/tablet use
  • SEO maximization

More of a Do-It-Yourselfer?

Not ready for the financial commitment? Already have a decent website launched, but it's not getting you quite enough revenue, or it doesn't exactly sound like you? Say no more!


Connect with me and dip your toe into the copywriting waters. Sign up for my WEBSITE AUDIT PACKAGE to get a professional writer's eye on your website and social media presence.


I'll scan your website word-for-word, and send you my comprehensive feedback notes. Then, you'll make those fixes and watch profits and click-through-rates rise!

Hand Drawing


Entertain and inform your readers. Content writing is a great way to establish trust and build credibility with your consumer base, since it shows them you're not always​ trying to sell them something. Keep your audience in-the-know, and infuse your updates with your brand's personality.

  • Newsletters

  • About Me pages and blurbs

  • Business blogs

  • Social media posts

  • Ghost writing 



Transform your words into clear, streamlined, dynamic thoughts that inform and persuade your audience. 

  • Grammar and punctuation

  • Spelling

  • Sentence construction and clairty 

  • Making your piece engaging and entertaining


Social media management

Save Your Time

Post Consistently

Be Intentional

Know The Rules

Another way I tell your story is content creation and management of your brand's social media accounts. 

  • ​I know what to write about. No more blinking cursor on a blank screen for you!

  • I'll make it look and sound like you... on your best day. 

  • I know when -- and how frequently -- to post on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to maximize engagement with your audience. 

How does it work? 

I have 3 flat-rate packages, all customizable to reflect your brand's needs.

For an added bonus, I craft Facebook and Instagram ads so you don't have to lift a finger.


Alex Nicholson,

Founder & Producing Artistic Director of

The Artist's Sandbox 

“Working with Gabby was just what we needed to find our company’s voice and set specific productive goals for how to grow our brand.” 

Cassidy Stoner,

Owner and Operator of Go With Me Here

“Working with Gabby was a no-brainer and an essential investment. She found the perfect words to capture the essence of my business and has given me confidence."

Julia Rosenthal,

Owner and Founder of Julia Rosenthal PT

“Gabby really took the time to understand my mission, my work, and the message I wanted to convey. She was really easy to work with and I am really pleased with the outcome!”

Chad Bradford,

Creator of Voices Uncaged

"Gabby is a consummate professional. She is always prepared, and is as intelligent as she is warm.” 

Jeannie Clinton,

Owner and Operator of Jean's Jewels

"gabby really listened to my needs and helped me find my voice. i cannot wait to use her for future projects."

Anthony Lo Verme,

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

“Gabby was very attentive, organized and hit all the marks. The whole process was seamless. Meetings were always organized and deadlines were always met. I was so happy with my experience with Gabby that I'm looking forward to my next project and getting her involved.”




This page includes a small selection of my work. I have experience writing in varying platforms and for many industries, including health & wellness, beauty, fitness, healthcare, and entertainment. 

Click on the images to enlarge each ad. 

Anthony lo verme (real estate agent) 

Wingate apothecary

Julia rosenthal physical therapy

Physical therapy on leg



Image by Jason Rosewell

go with me here

Film Clapboard

The Artist's Sandbox

Person Writing

Jean's jewels

Jewelry Making

Co-op productions


Instagram Story / Spec for CBD Clinic

CBD Clinic Spec Story 1
CBD Clinic Spec Story 2
CBD Clinic Spec Story 3

This spec ad is a three-part Instagram story that rotates through each frame, for a total of roughly 20 seconds. CBD Clinic wanted informative content to reach their target audience: active men and women, ages 20-45, who are already immersed in health and wellness, but are new to this brand and are willing to spend money on top-notch products. The objective of this ad was to urge readers to use the "swipe up" feature, so that they'd be taken directly to the company's landing page to purchase the line of pain-relief products. 

To create this Instagram story, I focused on two main benefits to the target consumer: the products are all natural, and they soothe pain in a revolutionary way. I highlighted the purity of the ingredients, and I outlined the way that CBD works with its receptors in the body. Without bashing competitors' products, I urged the consumer to do more than just mask their pain with OTC pain relievers. 

Flyer / Spec for Appleberry Farms

Appleberry Farms Spec Flyer

This spec flyer was created for Appleberry Farms' new product, Simply Healthy Steamed Veggies (fake company and fake veggies!). This was a fun spec to work on with graphic designer Cindy Recile, as we addressed the client's main objective: urge readers to cut out the coupon, and use it to buy the product at their local grocery store. The target audience for this ad was busy moms, ages 25-45, who have young children and full lives. They are always on-the-go, and they care about feeding their families healthy options but don't have a ton of time to cook. The tone was to be quaint, wholesome, family-friendly, and informative. 

To create this flyer, I focused on the deep benefit of the product for moms. Defining a product's deep benefit is a fun exercise in psychology and imagination: what does this product really do to improve one's life? I imagined myself as a busy mom, and realized that I would want the dinner I cook to make me feel like a great parent. I would buy something that made me feel proud of my choices (since it's healthy), and something that I can prepare quickly so I'm not losing quality time with my kids. 

Designed by: Cindy Recile. Connect with Cindy at or email her at

Landing Page/ Spec for DoorDash

DoorDash Landing Page Spec

This spec landing page is for DoorDash. It's objective was to urge small, independently-owned restaurants to partner with DoorDash with a promotional, casual-friday, relatable tone. It's required information included informing the target audience about the profits they'd be receiving, as well as telling them how easy DoorDash's app is to use.

To create this landing page, I put myself in the mind of a local pizzeria owner in my neighborhood. He has an online ordering site, but no real networking or advertising, nor is he linked to any third-party delivery service. I imagined the kind of relatable reassurance he'd want to hear, and kept the copy informative but simple and easy to digest (no pun intended). 

Designed by Joe Colucci. Connect with Joe at or email him at


No one knows your business like you do.

When I write copy for you, it’s more than just putting pen to paper.

I invest time into researching your brand and getting to know you.


Together, we’ll define your business goals and your brand identity. Then, I'll create engaging, persuasive copy that's SEO-friendly and inspires your audience to seize whatever action you want them to take. 

What does working with me include?

1. FREE Discovery Call


Connect with me, no strings attached. We'll define the project's deliverables, refine your business goals and objectives, pin down your brand's voice, and brainstorm together. I'll open your eyes to the opportunities we can seize to take your business to the the next level; this means getting to know you.

2. Project Proposal


If you decide that you’d like to work with me, you’ll get a detailed project summary within 48 hours to ensure your expectations are met. This will include some initial research into your industry and your competitors, as well as a quoted price and agreed-upon deadline. 

3. Creative Brief


Whether it's over Zoom or by phone, we'll iron out the details. What are your goals for this product/service? What is your vision for this product and your company? Who is your target audience? What are the benefits to your consumer? What exact action(s) do you want your audience to take? I'll help you nail down exactly what this project will include before I go write it for you!

4. Concepting and Writing


After I guide you to a clear idea, your graphic designer and I will brainstorm and create compelling copy, tailored to your brand and your needs!

5. Unlimited Edits and Reviews


We don’t stop until you’re thrilled with the services I provide. 

6. Final Draft and Invoice


You've got the perfect copy for you. I'll send you an invoice, payable within 14 days of receipt. 

7. Keep In Touch


After we've worked together once, the possibilities for your company's growth are endless. I can create a comprehensive marketing makeover plan, customized to your company's needs and future goals. 

Red Typewriter


As a marketing writer, I create copy that engages your audience, increases your sales, & puts profits in your wallet. 

Jack of All Trades

Before becoming a professional copywriter, my career path took me to unexpected places in surprising ways. After graduating from NYU with a BFA in Drama, I traveled extensively globally and nationally, and worked in many industries outside of the arts, including:

  • Data entry/analysis

  • Hospitality

  • Boutique Retail

  • Customer Service

  • Childcare

My wide variety of experiences — across cities and industries — have led me to meet people from all walks of life, and to learn about many different trades. I bring this wealth of firsthand experience to my copywriting.

  • Years in customer service have taught me how to collaborate.

  • A job in the data field showed me how to analyze research and create compelling marketing strategies.

  • Traveling and working in hospitality have given me the gift of knowing your target audience… since I’ve likely met them along the way. 

Gabriella Perez 3.jpg

Are we the perfect fit?

A little about me...

  • I think outside the box. I conceptualize the specific needs and desires of your target audience, and let my imagination run wild to create an innovative, compelling marketing strategy that your consumers will love. I am a firm believer in the power of well-crafted words to create a compelling story, and I harness my passion for captivating narratives to take your company to the next level of consumer engagement and sales growth.

  • I have a background in theater. I hold a BFA from NYU, and I have years of experience working on creative teams towards a collaborative project launch. Having spent over a decade as a professional actor, I’m trained to think inventively, promote in creative ways, and dive into the minds of the characters I play. I put myself in the shoes of your consumers to anticipate their specific needs and desires, and create a custom-tailored, cohesive brand voice for your company. 

  • I'm a business-minded self-starter. I’m a naturally disciplined, "get the job done" person. (I’ve never met a checklist I didn’t like.) From the first consultation to the last deadline, I won’t stop working until you’re 100% thrilled. And since I used to be an actor, I'm an expert in the art of owning a small business and self-promotion… since I was my own product for years! I know how important smart, engaging marketing can be, since I spent years advertising my own skills and molding a cohesive brand voice for myself. Now I apply all that I've learned to writing for your brand. 

  • I'm a nerd for words. I do the New York Times crossword puzzle every Sunday, I inhale novels, and I study sales emails and copy relentlessly. And I’m just as obsessed with creating the perfect story for you

A little about you...

  • You're ready to be intentional with your brand. Your business is growing to new heights and you're at the precipice of a business breakthrough. You want higher conversions, more sales, and greater profits... but you're struggling to reach "your people". Now is the time to bring a professional copywriter and brand strategist on board to help you write the perfect words, tell the right story, and implement the best strategy for you.

  • Writing isn't exactly your cup of tea. You're too busy running your business to have to slow down and create website content and marketing output. You're a business owner, not an advertising guru, after all! You're ready to reclaim your precious time and leave the writing to me. 

  • You want to clarify your message. Whether you've been in business for decades or a year, you're ready to look at your brand with fresh eyes. You want to refine your core values, how you're perceived in the market, and identify exactly the kinds of people you want by your side. Together, we can navigate the murky "marketing" waters with a rejuvenating brainstorm session and some fresh copy. 


Do you need a professional copywriter to take your business to the next level?

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 I can't wait to help you tell your story. 

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